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Youth, Adult and Elderly Miracle Centre Coursework- by EduBirdie

March 24, 2020


As observed in the B-Plan of ‘The Miracle Centre’ abuse is a vice which has become common in almost all segments of life. All groups of people in the society, ranging from the young to the old; both men and women, have been abused in one way or the other.

Coursework on ‘Youth, Adult and Elderly Miracle Centre’

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Abuse of any nature comes with serious implications to the victims, most of who are compelled to keep it as a secret rather than speak it out to the public, perhaps owing to possible threats from their assailants or as a result of stigmatization normally associated with the abuse. Those are some of the reasons that make it difficulty for us to deal with abuse in our communities.

It is for those same reasons why ‘Youth, Adult and Elderly Miracle Centre’ was established in Ohio, to help reduce all forms of abuse affecting various population groups in the society. To be able to achieve our organizational goals and objectives, we have unveiled a number of strategies to be applied in the publicity of our P-Plan to all relevant audiences.

Use of Effective MIS Systems

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Effective and appropriate Management Information Systems are necessary for any organization that needs to achieve its objectives and goals (Moroney and Martin, 2009).

In this case, apart from having to publicize the Center, effective MIS systems will also be useful in researching and collecting of important feedback regarding abuse as an incessant vice in the society, so as to be able to establish stronger ways to counter its heightening implications to humans.

Moreover, accumulation and disbursement of the necessary data aimed at supporting the mission and vision of the Centre would be made much easier through the use of reliable and effective communication methods. Some of the crucial information that may be required here would include experts’ opinions and feedback on surveys, both of which are tailored to gauge the progress of the Center.

This performance and outcome measurement of information will be used to inform our plans and decisions for any possible improvements. It will be used in ensuring that the Centre’s contribution to the society actually meets the desired target.

Case Study ?

Other significant information which may be of great use to the Centre would include things such as budget preparation capabilities, financial and accounting information, marketing and communication ways, and information regarding human resource management.

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By trying to learn through the work of other related organizations via various MIS systems, the Centre’s steering panel would be better-placed in their management roles. All the relevant information would be acquired and conveyed to target audiences, through the chosen MIS system.

More importantly, the proposed system will also be used to market the Centre’s mission and vision to potential stakeholders and volunteers. Considering the above requirements essential for the success of the Miracle Centre, the chosen MIS system should be able to serve its purpose efficiently and effectively.

The type of system should be able to serve at least three crucial tasks as observed below. First of all, it should be able to generate all the reports necessary for routine and/or non routine management of the Centre. It should also be able to offer informed answers to questions regarding management. And finally, the system should be able to support decision-making approaches regarding the mission of the Centre.

The desired system should also be able to guarantee for online access to the Centre’s structure, mission, and its intended services by the outside community. Considering the aim of our organization, the MIS systems should be designed in a manner which allows the outside world to access it, where the target audiences can even make necessary modifications on the information.

In our case, a specially designed system such as an official website accessible by stakeholders and volunteers proves to be the most effective system. This will serve as the Centre’s primary medium of communication between stakeholders, staff, volunteers and other supporters of the project.

Through the system, all people and especially the stakeholders who’d be expected to play a significant role in the overall management of the Centre, would be able to access and respond accordingly to the provided information.

This way, the system provides a basis for collective decision-making, thus facilitating ways for efficient and effective management of organizations (Robey, 1999). This system of communication would be more cost effective in that, it will have to bring all the parameters under a single platform.

Relevant Stakeholder groups for this P-Plan

Stakeholder refers to an individual or a group of people having a considerable effect or influence to a business or organization (Foster and Jonker, 2003). Some of the key individuals and organizations expected to have a strong influence on this project include formerly abused individuals, volunteers, employees, government officials and peer advocates.

Each one of these groups fits well into the communication and marketing scheme of the project. Considering their connection or relationship to the force behind the Center’s mission, the stakeholders are expected to provide useful data or information to ensure that the Centre meets its target.

Stakeholders will always be the first to make crucial decisions about the management of the Centre,,25.htm thus helping the project through its mission and goals. Apart from the kind of useful information which the stake holders can guarantee, they are also key players when it comes to provision of necessary resources, such as funding, which provides a strong economical basis for the project.

The following is a summary showing a brief overview of the expected stakeholders and a description of how each one of them fits into the communication and marketing scheme of the project.

Former victims of abuse

Formerly-abused individuals would have a strong influence in the overall promotion of the Centre’s mission, objectives and goals. These categories of persons would tend to have a view of life different from that of the other people in the society. In fact, former victims of abuse are clear manifestations of the painful implications caused to humanity by abuse.

Talking of any form of abuse, there is no one who can understand and describe it better, other than the victims themselves (Malley-Morrison, 2000). In this regard, formerly-abused victims are the right stakeholders here and their first-hand information regarding various forms of abuse fits well in the communication and marketing scheme of the project.


Wherever there is a project or activity aimed to improve or promote people’s lives, there will always be people who’d sacrifice to take part in the running of the program in exchange for nothing. Many volunteers would tend to term their services and contribution to goodwill organizations as nothing else but just ‘a gift to the beneficiaries of those organizations or projects.’

‘Youth, Adult and Elderly Miracle Centre’ by yourself? We can help you

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Considering the universal objective of our organization, there is much likelihood that a big number of people will express their intention to volunteer and take part in ensuring that the Center succeeds in its goals.

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As far as our center is concerned, a volunteer is not only the person who comes out to support the project financially, but anybody who volunteers his/her will to offer useful information, either through the Centre’s official website or by responding to our surveys.

These interventions are likely to bear positive results through opinions and suggestions, thus contributing to a stronger Youth, Adult and Elderly Miracle Center. This way, the volunteers would have played a significant role in the overall success of the project.

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Employees from various segments of the Centre can also be reliable stakeholders of this project. The fact that the employees are ever in touch with everything that takes place in the Centre, including all information leaving and entering the Centre, is a perfect reason why they should be identified as stakeholders. Their overall contribution to the Centre is ever expected and can enhance new approaches against all forms of human abuse.

As a matter of fact, employees will play a significant role when it comes to the organization’s communication and marketing. In most cases, employees would tend to act as the main linking channels between the Centre, the stakeholders and the entire community. For these respective roles, employees’ active involvement towards the Centre’s success in its goals and objectives can never be estimated.

Government Officials

As observed from the P-Plan, the government has tremendous influence and responsibility in safeguarding the community and in guiding the society into positive developments that would certainly take care of the people’s rights. The government, through its key officials should express its concern and exert considerable pressure in matters aimed at reducing or eliminating abuse in our society.

Government officials, especially the ministers and other high-profile personnel who are in charge of ministries and departments advocating for human rights can be good ambassadors of the Miracle Centre.

Apart from partnering and leveraging funds to help strengthen the Centre, the officials are likely to have an effective influence when it comes to selling the name of the organization across the borders, thus serving as ambassadors of good will for the Centre.

Peer Advocates

Advocates from various departments and organizations having a significant touch to the wider community can also be appropriate stakeholders for this Project. Good examples of peer advocates who can serve as stakeholders for the ‘Miracle Centre’ are the state departments who have been invited to partner with the Centre.

These would include the Department of Alcohol or Drug Addiction Services (ODADAS); Ohio Department of Mental Health (ODMH); Domestic Violence Shelters and Family and Children First Council (FCFC). All these organizations share a common goal of safeguarding the communities from the plight of abuse.

Therefore, their contribution and support in helping the Centre achieve its goals and objectives will be a welcomed approach. This could be through financial aid, informational support and any other useful way which could see the centre achieve its objectives in the long run.

Suitable Marketing or PR Tools and Methods

There are numerous tools and methods which can be applied in establishing a unique identity of the Centre across the states. One effective way is through the interactive media whereby various mediums of communication such as the radio, TV, and print are used to publicize the Centre’s mission and vision to the masses.

Use of posters and banners at significant zones is also an effective way to sell the organization to the people. Another way to market the organization would be through educational projects. This will see our employees, volunteers and stakeholders come out publicly to inform and to educate people on their rights as far as abuse is concerned.

Workshop presentation is another way that can be used to publicize and market any business or organization to the target audiences (Belch, 2004). Another reliable discipline to use here would be through modern social media such as Facebook and Twitter, among other social networking sites.


By using the right MIS systems and communication mediums, the Centre will be bound to establish a strong platform about its mission. As it would be observed from the P-Plan, collaborating with the proper stakeholders is the most critical decision that any good-will organization can take towards achieving its intended goals in the society.

Through this report, we get to see the benefits of applying effective and efficient MIS systems in business and how these can be utilized in bringing desirable outcomes to organizations.

As it is observed, all the intervention discussed in this case would play a significant role in promoting the mission, goal, and objectives of ‘The Miracle Centre’ in the fight against human abuse in the American society and the whole world in general. This way, the center would have achieved it mission to the global community.

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