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World History Enlightenment in Society Essay

March 25, 2020


According to the discussion held by Lisa and author Nicholas Till, enlightenment has indeed influenced the global culture in various ways. In particular, art, music, and entertainment, in general, have been significantly transformed. From the dialogue, it is evident that the enlightenment age brought about the concepts of equality and liberalism.


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It disregarded the traditional perception of entertainment and instead, promoted the idea that every individual has the right to listen and enjoy all forms of music. A new intellectual force was realized in the fields of literature, science, art, and music during the German enlightenment era. Also, German readers were remarkably influenced by the enlightenment writings of Christian Wolf. The writer presumed that German was a language rich in human philosophy (Till, 1999).

Eventually, the avid readers within German society believed that their language had transformed into a unique flow of deeper insights and thought processes. It is also crucial to mention that additional emphasis was laid in the study of art and music. The latter was seen as progressive disciplines in which society could not do without. Musical concerts and art exhibitions were embraced everywhere and quite a large segment of the population was able to afford to pay for the entertainment spots (Till, 1999).

Although the early Enlightenment era was predominantly witnessed in Europe, global regions across the world seem to embrace it. chegg As it stands now, it is vivid that art, music, entertainment, literature, science, and religion among others have massively transformed human culture.

For example, the freedom of worship is one such liberty brought about by the enlightenment era (Deligiorgi, 2012) Besides, the conservative nature of some societies has been gradually weakened by the enlightenment concept. For instance, dressing styles are no longer restrictive in most jurisdictions. When it comes to governance, the advent of democracy coupled with the right to vote has been forcefully brought into reality by the growing enlightenment age.


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